The Secret Santa Dilemma

(Found this lurking as a draft and I can’t think why I didn’t post it when I wrote!)

Its getting to that time of year. The Secret Santa time of year.

I find this is a time of dilemma as I don’t want to buy something that will sit by or be unused.
I know that I have impeccable taste, so anything I buy of course will be apprecitated. (Tongue firmly in cheek here people!)
I cast on this the other night and its coming along well, other than me misreading the pattern and creating a few rows of my own interpretation. I’d gone too far to frog it…hopefully it will look just fine.
Spiraluscious by Anne Hanson
I’ve wanted to make this for a while and this is the perfect excuse.

Hope she likes it!

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One thought on “The Secret Santa Dilemma

  1. Hi Kylie,
    Thank you so much for the gorgeous parcel of goodies I received yesterday! You are very generous!
    I love all of the gifts, and the washer is beautiful ( my boys were fighting over who would use it first last night!)
    Hoping to get time to sit down and try a nice cup of that lychee tea, it sounds yummy!
    I have posted about the swap on my blog and linked to your blog- hope that’s ok.

    I hope you enjoy your parcel as much as I have, and that you have a great Christmas and summer in your part of Australia!
    ( We are getting really cold wet weather here so summer hasn’t really begun yet!)

    Many thanks again,
    ( I tried to send this by email but the email address wouldn’t respond so I hope you get this message!)

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