Hora! Nani iro ga daisuki yooooooo!*

Ever seen those crazy, slap stick Japanese game shows and TV ads?
Nani iro patterns are nothing like that! To me they exude serenity and coolness of all kinds.
Don’t freak out that they are all in Japanese. The directions are all there if you are at one with the universe Grasshopper!
I found their fabrics here as well and am trying really very hard to resist the temptation to rush out and buy lots…but the children are wanting non essentials like food and medicine.
And then I found this…

A cute top from a Nani iro pattern on the Tessuti blog

Check out the blog of this shop too and get inspired all over again!
: :
* It means…’Wow, I love Nani iro!’
You can add a little OMG in there too if you want!

One thought on “Hora! Nani iro ga daisuki yooooooo!*

  1. OMG Kylie!!!! Another addiction I have you to thank for (hehehehe), as if I needed another one, right???

    I totally love Japanesse patterns, now!!!

    Thanks – Jodie 🙂

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