How do you decide?

What makes you choose a particular pattern?
Do you think about what you need, what is in your stash and what pattern will use it up, or act on impulse?
I’ve just chosen my next one to cast on…
Its the Norie hat fron The Shetland Trader by Gudrun Johnston.
 I’m a bit in love with this little book. Seriously, go to Ravelry and get it! You have the option of print or ebook, and the print version comes with an ebook too! So many things to make.
It was on my list, but what swayed me was when a designer I like was wearing it for her picture on Ravelry and I recognised the pattern right away.
I have some beautiful ‘Posh’ yarn in my stash, but my next dilemma is what colour?
Blue or Green??
Help me out!
What should it be??

3 thoughts on “How do you decide?

  1. Colour is what initially grabs my eye, then usually the pattern. Once I see one pattern that interests me I have to check out what else they have designed
    Although I want to knit hats, they really are of no use to me at all

  2. ohhhh this is really pretty… what a tricky question though. IF your green is anything like the one in the pix I think it would really suit you….then again blondes do look rocking in blue!! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

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