Saturday Afternoon

Here’s a little bit of rather dodgy Saturday afternoon sewing.
 I had this rugby top in the ‘can’t throw it out but its too old to wear in polite company’ pile. So, a bit of repurposing meant it could become a new peg bag.
I cut two pieces from the body. Remember that this is DODGY Saturday afternoon sewing so measurements are not a feature! I should have basted the two pieces togther, right sides facing, but as you can see I glued it instead!
 I roughly drew an oval (or is it a sea cucumber?) and stitched around it.
 Then I turned it out, pressed it and top stitched.
 Here’s the other side. I used some beloved Amy Butler to brighten my day.
 Put it all together…sew it up and don’t forget to leave a gap at the top for the hook of the coat hanger, which is what I use to hang it from.
 I like to sew across the corners then trim them.
 A before and after shot. The old bag was made from some Peter Rabbit linen that I loved, but 4 years of our climate hasn’t been kind to it.
I still have a few VERY old wooden pegs to remind me that although there have been many advancements for women, most of us are still hanging out the washing!
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2 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon

  1. Hi Kylie, love the peg bag. I came across your blog through jelly wares and have enjoyed reading your posts. I have your peanut butter chocolate balls on my never ending list of things to try, they sound delicious. We must have the same knitting book – Whimsical Little Knits by Ysoldaas I’ve just finished the ‘Mousie’ but mine is more a robust rodent as I could only get 12 ply in the colours when I purchased the wool last year, so he’ll tackle anything, but still cute. The Ishbel shawl is also lovely and I’ve often admired Jodie’s, but my knitting skills will have to increase lots before I attemp that one. Hope the weekend hasn’t gone as quickly for you as it has for me.

    Take care, smiles…Ann xx

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