Blog love

There are some blogs I love and eagerly await the next installment.
And I love them for different reasons.
The Sartorialist is one I’ve followed for a while. I love clothes and fashion, though you might not think that if you saw me schlepping around the house.
And when I say I love clothes and fashion I don’t mean that I compulively shop, have to have the newest thing, or diet to keep up with the pack.
I mean who has time or money to do that??
Maybe it is not so much fashion but style. That expression of who you are. Or who you want to be.
I love the texture of fabric.
I love looking for inspiration for the things I make for myself or others.
I love how some a simple accessory can lift an outfit and make you smile.
I love the story you can create with a combination of clothing.
I’m nearly up to the sleeves on my Trail Jacket and I’m pleased to see that the colour I chose is spot on for this season.
That’s the great thing about making your own things. You have control over the design and colour.
C’mon…we all want to be included don’t we?
I’ve taught enough angsty teens who dye their hair, wear too much eyeliner and listen too atrocious music just so they can feel like an individual, JUST LIKE ALL THEIR FRIENDS!
It is getting a little cooler so I can start wearing more than the bare minimum to express myself and put a smile on my face. Style and fashion is not for vacuous ninnies. It makes you feel good about yourself when you walk out the door
Fashion is fun. Enjoy it!