Needles noon and night

It has been needles noon and night here!
Our local show is coming up VERY soon and I’ve wanted to finish quite a few things off.
This was a great knit, but proved that 100% cotton yarn isn’t my favourite yarn.
 We went camping the week before Easter, so started a Hollyhock by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. It proved to be the perfect choice for late night fireside knitting and the colour of the Cascade 220 hid a bit of camp grunge.
Its now finished and I adore it. Can’t wait for the show to be over to wear it! I’m planning on knitting another one during June for my sister in law’s birthday.

3 thoughts on “Needles noon and night

  1. I’m with you on the 100% cotton yarn. It’s really unforgiving and shows every single loose stitch. Argh. At least you can wash it and throw it into the dryer… if you’re brave enough!

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