When the wheels fall off

I’ve got to say that I missed this little blog. Life had a few hiccups earlier this year and then the wheels fell off computer wise.

I admire those who keep blogging through times that are tough. But, after many cups of tea and therapeutic knitting with a blogging friend I thought I’d give it a break. I’m not a fan of the ‘bare-it-all’ blog. I know its good for some to get it all out, but for me this blog is my ‘happy place’!

After a couple of months of not blogging I stopped reading other blogs. I lost touch with the creativity of photography. Then a Ravelry friend said I HAD to set up a Twitter account as I was too funny not to. I did as I was told and made links with more amazingly creative people. So, thanks Jodie for your counsel and Liz for the push to enter the twitterverse.  

I still thought of blog posts though. There have been some crackers! I might try to tell you of them. 

So off I go again! Will you come along, too?


One thought on “When the wheels fall off

  1. I’m so glad that you are back Kylie!!!

    I like my blog to be my ‘happy place’ too so totally understand that when the wheels aren’t quite aligned you needed a little break…

    Hugs – Jodie 🙂

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