On inspiration…

How do artists get their ideas? How do musicians put down the beginnings of their next song? When a sculptor puts their hands on a block of marble, how do they know what to create?

Over the years of talking to artists and craft people of all sorts, it seems that the way inspiration strikes is a very individual thing.

Some words, a colour, a riff instantly played, the texture of a yarn or fabric can be enough to lead someone on a creative journey.

At other times inspiration can be born of need. A little person needs some mitts, there is a deadline to meet…

I took my inspiration today from the colours in this yarn.

Its a colourway called ‘Wildflowers’ and is among Kristen from Skein Yarns’ first release of handpainted yarn.
I’ve got an idea and once this fabulous yarn is in my hot little hands I’ll show how it has inspired me!


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