On our recent family holiday we visited more museums than my kids could handle. When we reached Bendigo I was looking for something ‘hands on’ for them to experience.

I had heard that there was clay to play with at Bendigo Pottery and thought this might keep the kids occupied. So I booked the kids in for a pottery lesson and on a whim, myself as well.

Wow! For me it was instant love! There were 4 kids and myself. Our teacher was David, one of the Bendigo Pottery’s master potters.

There was something so tactile and soothing about forming a vessel from the clay spinning beneath my hands. Yes, the two pieces I made are a bit chunky, but the feel of them brings back the memory of that afternoon and the fun we had making them. It also gives me a far greater appreciation of the pottery I see and admire in galleries.

So, one day, if I get the chance I might pursue this. It has the tactile element that speaks to me in the same way as wool and silk and cotton. For now I’ll admire the work of others, and my own rustic efforts.

Its a souvenir a lot better than a fridge magnet!