Board on a Tuesday

Do you hang out on Pinterest?

After loosing all my bookmarked online articles and inspirations when my computer died a few years ago, Pinterest came along and answered my prayers. A place for everything! Hooray!

I’ve since built up quite a few boards covering many of the things that make up my world. Boards for knitting, for my growing interest in crochet, for feeding the clan, ideas for work and things I think are just plain cool.

I’ve introduced many people to Pinterest too and I love interacting online with them about the things they find.

But what’s the point of pinning things if they don’t inspire you to act in some way? So, I thought I’d share some of my boards with you each Tuesday and chat about why I’ve pinned what I’ve pinned.

So, want to check out a board?

Let’s start with my board Wrapping it. (Have you noticed that I’m quite fond of puns yet?)

I’m going for a very grown up and girly sleep over at a friend’s property this weekend. She’s a super classy gal, so I was looking for a great way to wrap the little gift I’ve bought to thank her for having us all.

I really love ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’. I find that its always handy to have a roll of brown paper around the house, especially when a gift has to be wrapped and all the shops are shut. Great for any age or gender!

Aren’t the doilies on the top present sweet?
I’ve not tried it yet, but using cut outs from collected paint chips would add some colour and really allow for some great creativity. A nice way to get the kids involved to as they punch away!

Heaven knows I’ve got lots of yarn that would be great for wrapping gifts this way. I’m thinking a garland of tiny pom poms would be awesome on The Enforcer’s 13 birthday present. Then she could use it as a decoration afterwards. Win/win!

If I’m after something colourful I like to use tissue paper. I love the feel of it, and think it looks especially sweet when used in pastel colours. I’m really like the way the little green feather is held on with the Dymo label. A great idea!

Pop over to my Wrapping it board and if you like any of the ideas there add them to your own board.

What’s that you say? You don’t know about Pinterest? Go over and check it out and let me know what you think. I think its fasntastic!

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