You Found Me!

I’m feeling all ‘leapy’ at the moment. Not the scaredy cat, jump at my own shadow kind of ‘leapy’, more the jump in with both feet kind. The GOOD kind of ‘leapy’.

So that’s why you’ll now find me here on MY OWN .COM!!! How awesome is that? It took some late night reading and then just a little bit of a talking to myself, but really wasn’t that hard. Now I’m just going to do a little bit of faffing around and get it all looking nice. Phew!

When I’m feeling kind of ‘leapy’, the not good kind, I like to look at this picture.

Ester Stace at the Royal Easter show 1916.
Ester Stace at the Royal Easter show 1916.


Ester was a relative of my Grandfather’s. They breed them brave around Yarrowitch. This was a record breaking jump and just the the thing to remind me to just leap in! what’s the worst that could happen?




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