Taking Stock

Its good to take a moment and take stock of what is going on around you. Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes does this on a regular basis and I thought I’d join in too.

It's been a good mail week!
It’s been a good mail week!

Making : New friends online.
Cooking : Roast Quinces. I’m marking the last day of Autumn with their beautiful scent and colour.
Drinking : I’m on a green tea kick at the moment. Buckets of it!
Reading: Everything I can about the Finnish Education System. Cool stuff! Check out taughtbyfinland.com for on the ground observations.
Wanting: Some indoor plants for the house. They will need to be really tough. I mean really tough.
Looking: At the sky. Today it was full of clouds and welcomed rain.
Playing: Soccer in the backyard with my kids!
Deciding: Which summer items I need to keep for next time. Some of my old favourites are looking a bit worn out!
Wishing: I didn’t live quite so far from people I want to hang out with. Online is cool, but I’d love to actually BE with them!
Enjoying: The cooler weather and the chance to get a few hand knits out to wear.
Waiting: For next weekend when I get to catch up with a group of my cousins in the Hunter Valley. We do it every 2 years. It’s going to be great!
Liking: The new OPI nail polish I bought. Hoodoo Voodoo is a nice raspberry orangey red.
Wondering: Where I put the Nunnaba yarn I bought last year. Hmmmm….
Loving: The Creativebug drawing class with Lisa Congdon. I mean really loving it!!
Pondering: How I can quit my day job, but still get paid for it.
Considering: Chopping all my hair off. Or not.
Watching: Men in Black. One of the few movies my whole family like!
Hoping: This week goes smoothly and is heaps of fun.
Marvelling: At folks who get stuff DONE!
Needing: Some new undies. Time to sacrfice some tshirts and have a go at sewing my own!
Smelling: The dampness in the air. Rain is so lovely.
Wearing: Brand new white jeans with navy pinstripes.
Following:  Fox in Flats to try and revive my style.
Noticing: How quickly my kids are growing.
Knowing: While I can’t ‘do’ it all, I’m bloody well going to give it a try!
Thinking: I really shouldn’t start another knitting project. But, well…
Feeling: Excited about the plans I made last weekend. A print workshop with Saffron Craig!!
Admiring: The skills some people have when it comes to designing and technology.
Sorting: Through the many things in my studio and try to clear it out.
Buying: A new lounge for my studio! Goodbye, comfy, but space eating guest bed. Hello, sofa bed!
Getting: Creative this weekend. Time to strip the paint off the kitchen table and give it a new lease of life.
Bookmarking: Start Up Vitamins for a bit of inspiration at home and at work.
Disliking: People who put out official documents and don’t proof read them for spelling mistakes.
Opening: The latest edition of Selvedge Magazine. I just adore taking time to read this, cover to cover!
Giggling: At Blackadder episodes
Snacking: On Allen’s Party Mix. Very naughty.
Coveting: All sorts of boots for winter.
Wishing: I could exist on 4 hours sleep a night
Helping: My girl with her reading.
Hearing: The sound of little kids on the swing at the park nearby. They are giggling and the swings are squeaking. Happy sounds.



8 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. great taking stock! when you get the 4 hours sleep and functioning thing down let me know?
    and I don’t think the party mix is very naughty at all 🙂 x

  2. Ha, we love Blackadder too, sometimes I forget just how inappropriate it is for kids though…oops!

    1. I know, right? So funny! I had a series of tapes of Blackadder3 that we’d listen to in the car. Without the visuals it felt slightly* more appropriate…
      …concubines Baldrick, not porcupines…(snigger)

  3. I’m pondering the same thing that you’re pondering. I’ve never tasted quince so that’s going on my to do list. Thanks for brightening my Monday morning lovely.

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