Top 5 ways to be find Inspiration

The other week I was catching up with my bestie. She had just come back from a whirlwind trip to Europe and the States for her creative business.  She had a blast, but as a well known quilt and fabric designer she was tired.

I said that she needed to get ‘reinspirated’ and we had a giggle. I made up a new word!

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So, here are my top 5 ways to get ‘reinspirated’!

1. Change what you’re listening to.

Do you listen to music while you’re doing things? Do you listen to the same things ALLLL the time? Try listening to music which you don’t normally listen to. Listen to new artists, broaden your listening horizons!

I’m loving I stumbled onto it and instantly fell in love! Choose your mood and your newly created playlist will have some of your favourites in it for sure, as well as music you’ve not heard of or would consider listening to. Did I mention there are watercolour spots on the page? Pretty!

2. Get totally out of your head.

No! Don’t go and open the medicine cabinet and down the contents or go snorting nutmeg or something silly like that! I mean go for a walk, do some yoga, swim some laps. Clear your mind and stop trying so dang hard. Even a five minute break can do wonders.

Check out for some great options. Gorilla Workout is a great iPad app with really short little workouts which don’t need any equipment. Get that blood flowing to your brain!

3. Don’t go looking for it. Give up!

Walk away from what ever you are doing and let the ideas come to you. Sneaky little ideas. Don’t you find a lot of your ideas come to you when you are in the shower washing your hair? Or driving on a long trip? Those times when you aren’t trying to come up with THE NEXT BIG THING are when ideas a-plenty pop into your head. Keep a notebook handy for jotting down ideas. Or learn to use the voice memo function on your phone or iPad if you have one. Try this app!

4. Don’t give up! Come back to your work.

Dig out that piece of writing, that half knitted new design, that drawing that wasn’t working for you at the time. Look at it with fresh eyes. Think about how long it took Da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa. Years, people. Years!

5. Hang out with the people who inspire you.

When you’ve lost your creative mojo and need some new sparkly inspiration, make a call to someone who you admire for their creativity. Catch up and have a cuppa. Even if you don’t know them, make contact! Read their book or blog. Like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. Creativity is infectious! Go out and catch some or spread your creativity around.

Leave a comment and tell me what you do to get ‘REINSPIRATED’.




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