September Sky

Tomorrow is the first of September, the beginning of spring here in Australia, though the plants and animals started a little earlier than that with their blooming and breeding.

I love this time of year in the Outback with all of the wildflowers blooming and the weather is just amazing. Its so wonderful to be outside, so I thought of this little challenge and was wondering if you’d give it a go too.

The real #septembersky


Each day in September let’s take a picture of the sky and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #septembersky. I’m really hoping you’ll join in and we’ll see the sky all over the place. I’m travelling quite a bit in September so I’m looking forward to keeping those memories through the pics of the sky I see each day.

Maybe you’ll take your shots each day at the same time or as the mood strikes. Do you want to join me? Head over to Instagram and find me as @kylieh72. I keep my profile private because of my day job, so don’t get freaked out! Request away!


12 thoughts on “September Sky

  1. I look forward to taking part in your IG challenge Kylie – and I look forward to sharing our sunny spring shows, and hopefully some rainy ones as well!

  2. I’d love to take part in this Kylie. Such a wonderful idea! Just hope I remember to do so. I think I’ll do as you suggest and try for the same time each day. I couldn’t find you at IG as @kylie_harvey – unless you’re now living in Nashville, TN
    But I do follow you at kylieh72 – is that right?

    1. Dang!!! How i’d love to live in Nashville!! Oh Lordy you’re right!!! I’ve used my old instaname!! EDIT!!!!!!

  3. I’ll definitely do my best to capture the September skies here, that might even mean dust storms now that I think about it.

    1. Yes, those dust storms are the pits. Hopefully we’ll get some rain clouds in our #septembersky to keep the dust at bay.

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